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The accommodation facility

Three floors, six rooms and five apartments

La Casa del Sarto (The Tailor’s House), arranged over three floors, develops around a delightful courtyard, a few steps from Lake Como.
You can stay in one of the six rooms available and be pampered by our homemade breakfasts; or you can enjoy your independence in one of the five apartments equipped and ready for use.

The Location in ''The betrothed''

That branch of the lake of Como, which extends towards the south…

The Tailor’s House is the scene of some key events in the famous novel “The Betrothed” by Alessandro Manzoni: it would in fact be the residence of the tailor of the village, born Tommaso Dalceppo, who hosted the protagonist Lucia after the conversion of the Unnamed.

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After the liberation, Lucia finds refuge at the tailor’s house:

“(…) The party arrived before the services in the church were over; they passed through the still assembled crowd, which manifested no less emotion than on the former occasion, and then separated. The two riders turned aside into a small square, at the extremity of which stood the Curate’s residence, while the litter went forward to that good woman. (…) The good woman, having accommodated Lucia with the best seat in the best place in her kitchen, hastened to prepare a little refreshment for her, refusing, with a kind of rustic cordiality, her reiterated expressions of thanks and apology. (…) With a more sedate step, but with cordial interest depicted on his countenance, the master of the house then entered. He was, if we have not yet said so, the tailor of the village and its immediate neighbourhood; a man who knew how to read, who had, in fact, read more than once Il Leggendario de’ Santi, and I Reali di Francia, and who passed among his fellow-villagers as a man of talent and learning: a character, however, which he modestly disclaimed, only saying, that he had mistaken his vocation.”

Passage extract from “The betrothed”, Chapter XXIV

Our services

Key word: explore

Making you feel at home, even miles away, is our priority.
However, we also want to introduce you to our home, Lake Como.
Thanks to the partnerships established with various local stakeholders, we will let you explore the mountains, enjoy the lake, taste typical products, amaze in front of breathtaking views and much more.
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Homemade authenticity

Some people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day… for us it certainly is!
It is so important that we want to make it as genuine as possible.
The desserts, cakes and biscuits that our guests can taste are strictly homemade, just as most of the products on the buffet come from local producers in Lecco and Lake Como, such as the delicious yogurts of Azienda Agricola Canto.
All you have to do is come and taste them!