House rules

  • Check in / Check out – upon your arrival you will be asked to show a valid identity document, which is necessary for registration, and you will be given the keys for accessing the accommodation facility and your room / apartment without time limits.
    It is possible to check in between 1 pm and 7 pm on the day of arrival, while the check out will be possible no later than 10 am on the day of departure.
    Any arrivals and departures outside the established hours must be agreed in advance, by contacting the accommodation facility or speaking with a manager at least 2 days before.
  • Keys – upon your arrival you will be given the keys to access the accommodation facility and your room / apartment without time limits. In case of loss of the supplied keys, the duplication cost of € 10 will be charged.
    You will also be given a card, which will be used to open the main entrance door, as well as to activate the electrical system of the room / apartment. The loss of this card will result in a charge of € 20 at the end of the stay, equal to the cost of replacing it.
  • Breakfast – for those who stay in the rooms and wish to take advantage of the breakfast service, it is served every morning in the dining room located on the ground floor from 07:30 am to 09:30 am. In case of special needs we are available to agree otherwise. Guests are asked to communicate special needs upon arrival and to report any known food intolerances and allergies.
  • Room cleaning – during the stay, the cleaning of the room and the bathroom is carried out daily between 10:30 am and 1 pm. If occupied during these hours, the room will be cleaned the next day. The linen is changed upon arrival and every three days of stay.
    Apartment cleaning – the apartments are equipped with everything necessary for the daily cleaning of the rooms. The staff of the accommodation facility is required to clean the housing unit at each change of customer.
  • Free WiFi – every room of the accommodation facility is covered by a free WiFi Internet network available to all our guests.
  • No smoking – smoking is prohibited in all the rooms and areas of the accommodation facility, including the balconies overlooking the internal courtyard. It is only allowed at the terrace on the top floor and outside the main entrance door.
  • Disabled people – since the accommodation facility is spread over several floors and does not have a lift, it is impossible for us to accommodate people with walking difficulties.
  • Non-customers – for security reasons, people who are not staying at the accommodation facility are not allowed to enter. The arrival of visiting guests, even temporarily, must be reported.
  • Pets – pets are welcome in our accommodation facility. We trust in the owner’s responsibility for the correct behaviour of four-legged friends, both towards the other guests, and towards the facility itself and those who work there.
    In respect of other guests and for the common rules of hygiene, the owners of the animals must guarantee compliance with the rules listed below:
    • Pets are allowed in our accommodation facility, upon notice;
    • The cost of the pet’s stay is €5.00 per night due to a more thorough cleaning of the room and with adequate detergents and sanitizers;
    • Small and medium sized dogs are allowed;
    • In the common areas of the accommodation facility, animals must be kept on a leash or in a cage;
    • Pets are not allowed in the dining room;
    • In each room or apartment it is allowed to have a maximum of one animal;
    • The customer must be adequately equipped for the well-being of his/her pet, including carriers, food and travel kennels;
    • It is absolutely forbidden to let the animal climb onto the beds, armchairs, chairs, tables, etc.;
    • The pet must be used to living indoors and in a clean regime. The barking of dogs or the meowing of cats can disturb other guests;
    • For your pet’s safety and comfort, the cleaners will not clean the room if your pet is left unattended. If you are present when the cleaners are working in your room, your pet must be on a leash or in a cage.
    • Pet owners accept full responsibility for damages that may arise and therefore be caused by their animals.
  • Responsibility – we decline all responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of objects owned by guests and / or money left unattended in the rooms and common areas. The apartments and rooms do not have safety boxes, therefore we invite our guests not to leave any valuables unattended and to always close doors and windows. Each guest is required to compensate for any damage caused to the facilities and equipment by himself/herself/themselves or by any pets. The accommodation facility is in no way responsible for the behaviour of the individual that may lead to legal consequences or injuries, whether it be their own or others.

The stay at the accommodation facility is at the risk and peril of the individual guest, who raises, without objection, La Casa del Sarto from any liability following accidents, injuries or illnesses of any entity, past, present and / or future.

Each guest is required to communicate the content of this regulation to any person with whom he / she / they travel and who stay at our accommodation facility, remaining jointly and severally liable with them towards La Casa del Sarto.