The Castle of the Unnamed

Close to La Casa del Sarto in Lecco, there is another Manzonian place, the Castle of the Unnamed. Located 180 meters above the lake level, it can be reached on foot through a short panoramic path in about 30 minutes. It is an ideal destination for an easy walk in all seasons.

Historically known as Rocca di Vercurago, the Castle of the Unnamed is a fortification dating back to the thirteenth century located on a natural hill in the hamlet of Somasca, between the municipalities of Lecco and Vercurago. According to popular tradition, the writer Alessandro Manzoni, in his novel “The Betrothed”, was inspired by this fortress to set the residence of the Unnamed character, due to its impervious and grim location from which it dominates Lake Garlate, Monte Barro and the town of Vercurago.

To reach it, just get to Somasca and cross its ancient village until you reach the Basilica of San Girolamo Emiliani. From here, along Via San Gerolamo, you get to the arch that marks the entrance to the Sacro Monte and the ascent to the Rocca along Via delle Cappelle.
Halfway there is a stairway, called “Scala Santa” and continuing along the path you reach “la Valletta”, which is the entrance to the chapel of San Girolamo and the Church of the Resurrection. From here a short but slightly steep path leads to the Castle of the Unnamed.

What remains of the place of imprisonment of the novel’s protagonist Lucia, are the ruins of the bailey from which it is possible to admire the beautiful view. On one side it is possible to look up to the eastern branch of Lake Como and the Alps, while towards the south you can follow the flow of the Adda river towards Brianza.

At the Castle of the Unnamed you can run your imagination back in time and think about the Betrothed or the historical scenarios, all surrounded by unique landscapes.