Up in the air at Piani Resinelli

Piani Resinelli are located in the Pre-Alps of Lombardy, at an altitude of 1300 metres. You can get there in about thirty minutes by car from the city of Lecco and La Casa del Sarto, following the directions for Valsassina.
It is one of the most beautiful and photographed viewpoints in the province of Lecco and in the Lombardy region. In fact, their privileged position allows you to enjoy a splendid view that embraces the eastern shore of Lake Como and the lagoons of Alta Brianza. The Grigne range is the framing and it is reachable through various routes, suitable for trekkers with different levels of experience.

Piani Resinelli is a very versatile location for nature lovers, in all seasons. You can do trekking on more or less difficult trails, climbing, living adventures with the little ones, and last but not least you can relax and simply enjoy the beauty of the nature.
The paths of Piani Resinelli are so many and so varied that they can truly satisfy every type of hiker. One of these allows you to reach one of the main tourist attractions of Lecco area: the panoramic walkway hung in the air, located at the Belvedere of Parco Valentino. From here you can enjoy the breathtaking view overlooking the Lecco branch of Lake Como.
To reach it, you need to access (free of charge) Parco Valentino and follow the signs for the Belvedere. After about 20 minutes of walking, on a simple dirt road with a slight slope, you arrive at this famous panoramic point, which offers an incredible 360-degree view. Once you have admired the view, you can then continue the walk by going up to Mount Coltignone, another 20 minutes away via a slightly uphill path. Here you can enjoy the panorama of Monte Resegone and Valsassina.
From Monte Coltignone you can then follow the directions for Cima Paradiso, where there is a large park perfect for children to play. Finally, you can go back to the entrance/exit of the park, thus closing the loop.

This is one of the many tracks that can be followed once you arrive at Piani Resinelli. To arouse your curiosity and decide which one is most suitable for you, we suggest you to visit the tourist portal of Resinelli, where you will find all the practicable paths, divided by degree of difficulty.